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Visit to NRSC Balanagar

ISTE-GRIET-SB has organised a visit to NRSC Balanagar on the occasion of Vikram Sarabhai Centenary Programme on 16th October 2019.

Guest Lecture on AI and Robotics

ISTE organized a Guest Lecture on “Artificial Intelligence And Robotics” on 6th March 2019 at EEE Department seminar hall(4412). The guest speaker was Mr.Prashant Menghal, Associate Professor, MCEME,Secunderabad.

Passport Seva Student Connect Program

ISTE-GRIET-SB is organising Passport Seva Student Connect Program on the 18th Sept 2019 , Wednesday as a part of Passport Seva Project which is in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services , I.e., TCS. This program is organised in view to bring the benefits of Passport Seva and it is initiated by ISTE-GRIET-SB for exclusive benefits for 3rd and 4th year students and staff.

NRSC Visit - Balanagar

Guest Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

ISTE organized a Guest Lecture on “Artificial Intelligence And Robotics” on 6th March 2019 at EEE Department seminar hall(4412). The guest speaker was Mr.Prashant Menghal, Associate Professor, MCEME,Secunderabad.

The session started by commemorating Dr. Prashant Menghal. Sir gave his introduction and started the session by interacting with the students about Artificial Intelligence and its need in today’s society. Dr.Menghal defined Artificial Intelligence in a very new and interesting way which attracted the students very much. He defined AI as the intelligence exhibited by machines that can recognize human speech, object, can learn, plan and explain. Sir explained about the history of Artificial Intelligence, He mentioned that Artificial Intelligence was termed by John McCarthy in 1956, by a famous Dartmouth Conference. Sir explained about the Typing Test Approach in AI. HeHe also explained about the difference between human brain and an AI machine by using simple daily life examples. Then he discussed about how Artificial Intelligence researches are going on and what improvements we can do to the society by using AI.

Dr.Menghal approached the next topic “Machine Learning”. He defined Machine Learning in an innovative way that amazed students. Sir then explained about the types of Machine Learning which are categorized into three Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning. He defined them as shown below
Supervised Learning: It is a type of learning that needs Supervision always, The example that Sir gave us was our professors and students, We always need supervision of our professors in our concerned subjects.
Unsupervised Learning: It is a type of learning that does not require any supervision i.e., this kind of learning is self sufficient .The example that Sir gave us was some students who don’t come to classes and who can study on their own.
Reinforcement Learning: It is a type of learning in which we follow hit and trail method the example given by Sir was quite real he described how students actually follow a pattern of reading important questions before their examinations.

He explained that the Supervised Learning is mostly used in predicting the weather, Unsupervised Learning is used in Banks. Sir then clearly explained us about the limitations of Machine Learning, He explained us that the three dimensional data can’t be handled by ML. He then explained us the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning .He gave us an example saying that students need to do Deep Learning i.e., they have to know the subjects that they are studying completely but not Machine Learning i.e., just before exams. Dr.Menghal gave a clear explanation about Deep Learning and how Deep Learning is helpful. He explained about Artificial Neural Networks and also the Applications of Deep Learningthen gave us a glance onto Robotics, He also said that the future era totally depends on Robots, he explained their importance to the students. He concluded his session by playing a video of Robots that were performing all the activities that a human could do. We then had an interaction session where students posed their queries to Dr.Menghal, He explained them to the students with huge interest and enthusiasm.

Our faculty coordinator expressed his gratitude towards Dr.Prashant Menghal . Then our faculty Dr. V. Sridevi Mam and Vijaya Rama Raju Sir presented Dr.Menghal a token of gratitude . Students were contented by the knowledge they gained during the session. They have got an idea about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Passport Seva Student Connect Programme

The major benefits of attending this program are: Students can get the assistance in application of a new passport or the renewal of your passport and also get the awareness of passport application process and this opportunity is exclusively for GRIET students and staff.

Date: 18 September 2019 || Venue: Hall 1 Time: 9:30 AM

Organised by ISTE GRIET SB

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